Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday 12th.

Sunday. 14th.

Saturday 13th. CFA Saturday 13th. CFA
Saturday 13th.

A beautiful day. In all my experience of this climate I never knew such a winter thus far. I went to the Office. The sensation still continues about money although slighter than it was yesterday. But the Association has not learnt wisdom by experience and still persists in following its old track. No distinct statement and no discontinuance of issuing doubtful paper. Accounts.

I find upon reference to my publisher that he has sold less than fifty copies of my pamphlet which shows to me conclusively that the course of the Newspapers has it’s effect. Well I am sorry, for I have tried hard. This is my third attempt in this class of publication, but the public will neither buy nor read any thing of mine so I shall take the hint, and leave it alone for the future. Home to read Herodotus.

Afternoon, Father Jobert whose first volume I finished. I hear both my children in reading before tea. Afterwards, William Dwight came in and sat for some time.1 Talk principally of Currency and Banks. Startled at a late speech of Edward Brooks’ which has made some noise.2


On William Dwight, a Harvard classmate, see vol. 6:349.


The Boston Morning Post (13 Jan., p. 2, col. 3) reported of the speech of Edward Brooks in the legislature that he “spoke of the vicious nature of the present banking system. He was in favor of declaring all the charters null, and for passing a new general law, upon an entirely new basis, and would let all the banks come in under it, if they chose so to do.”