Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 14th.

Tuesday. 16th.

Monday. 15th. CFA


Monday. 15th. CFA
Monday. 15th.

A cloudy morning but a beautiful day. I went to the Office, and was occupied in Accounts as usual but without making much progress. A visit from Josiah Adams whose balance against me I paid.

Met Edward Brooks who called me into his Office and had much talk with me upon the subject of his late Speech. His friends and the Bank interest generally are up in arms and will make him feel it severely. I told him so and he has ventured it. As gently as I could, I ventured to suggest to him the propriety now of having his course clearly chalked out in his own mind and adhering to sound principles at bottom. He said he should go on, but I have my doubts. He is quick on the trigger but easily pacified, and will probably absent himself thus implying an admission of greater error than he has committed. I stated to him my conversation with Dwight and his suggestions which I thought deserving of reflection. He was too warm to attach much weight to them at the moment but I think he will do so afterwards. We were much interrupted, but it took much of the morning.

Home after a pleasant walk. Herodotus. Father Jobert. Evening Lockhart and Lecture which goes slowly.