Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 19th.

Sunday. 21st.

Saturday 20th. CFA Saturday 20th. CFA
Saturday 20th.

I arose feeling much better than I had anticipated after so dissipated a day as yesterday. Office where I had not much leisure. W. Spear came in and discussed a lease of a new stone Quarry. Then A. H. Everett, then Mr. Walsh, so the time passed. No accounts from Washington for so long I begin to feel very anxious.


Home, finished my review of Herodotus. I believe I must now take up the plays of Sophocles. These will perhaps repay more the trouble and I want to refresh my notions of the Greek dramatists. I have gathered something very useful from my resumption of Greek during the last year.

Afternoon, a call from Mr. Angier and money matters. He talked of Mrs. Adams and of the sons, pretty much in the manner which I had supposed. She is certainly to be pitied. For her troubles are many of them behind. I looked over my Lecture and read it to time about one hour. Evening T. K. Davis came in and we had a long talk.