Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 21st.

Tuesday. 23d.

Monday. 22d. CFA Monday. 22d. CFA
Monday. 22d.

Morning cold but calm. I awoke with a headach which was a little discouraging. Walk to the Office, but was not able to do much. Mr. 385Walsh came in and talked away about himself. He still means to adhere to the Navy provided he can get just such a birth as will suit himself. I think he is a little too obstinate but as this is matter for him to judge of entirely I took no part in the conversation. Walk.

Home where I began the study of Sophocles by reviewing the play of Oedipus.1 This is an agreeable variety from Herodotus, and will keep me a little in poetics which I want.

My head ach left me at noon but I felt hardly in my usual way during the remainder of the day. Revised my lecture and heard my children their lessons as usual. Evening, read to my Wife from Lockhart. W. Dwight came in late and spent an hour talking of general politics.


At MQA are four editions of Sophocles’ plays in Greek: Glasgow, 1745, 2 vols.; London, 1747, 2 vols.; Oxford, 1809, 2 vols.; and London, 1824, 3 vols. The last belonged to CFA.