Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 11th.

Tuesday. 13th.

Monday. 12th. CFA


Monday. 12th. CFA
Monday. 12th.

Morning fine. I was up early to go upon the Visitation of the College which was fixed this year for today being eight days sooner than last year. My companions were Judge Merrill, Mr. Hillard who took with him his Wife and child and Mr. Cunningham joined us at Cambridge. The whole class was this year examined in the fifth and sixth books of Herodotus, and acquitted itself very well. I do not think it was so bright as the class of last year but perhaps more thoroughly grounded.

There is a great improvement in the general acquaintance with the structure of the Greek language since my time, but a retrograde movement in respect to the spirit which the youths catch from the Author. They want a man of enthusiasm there. Every thing is tame and insipid. Dined as usual with the President and some of the Professors, E. T. Channing, Longfellow and Felton. And we had rather a pleasanter dinner than usual. Some sportive talk about Mr. Emerson and the popular passion for lectures which brought out Judge Merrill pretty much in his peculiar style.

Home by three with a copy of Eckhel on Roman coins which I procured from the University Library.1 Afternoon, Aristotle, but I found my mind wandering. Evening at home playing backgammon with my Wife after which writing. My boy John unwell so as to make me anxious.


Joseph Eckhel’s numerous works on ancient numismatics included Traité élémentaire de numismatique ancienne, 2 vols., Paris, 1825, and Elementa numismaticae veteris, Buda, 1799.