Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Friday 9th.

Sunday. 11th.

277 Saturday 10th. CFA Saturday 10th. CFA
Saturday 10th.

At home, fine day. Afternoon, visitors and to Weymouth. At my father’s.

My morning was not passed altogether profitably, for after a little reading only at home I went down to the Mansion and became engaged in a rather fruitless examination of old MS papers. Found two or three old sermons and other papers of my great-grandfather Smith and one or two other things of some little interest but not much.

Home where I made further progress in Texier and began Menzel’s History of German Literature,1 a book I have borrowed from Dr. Frothingham. His opening is completely characteristic of his nation. But he is a thinker and will pay perusal.

After dinner, seventeen sections of Tacitus, being interrupted by visitors. Mrs. Carter and Mr. and Miss Sigourney from Boston with Mr. Lunt to pilot the way. They made only a call of form and we started after it in the carriage to go to Weymouth and see Mrs. Tufts and her daughters.2 By we I mean my father, wife, Mrs. John Adams who spent the day with us and myself. Home late after a pleasant ride, and a short visit at the Mansion.


Wolfgang Menzel, Die deutsche literatur, 2 vols., Stuttgart, 1828.


On the widowed Mrs. Cotton Tufts Jr. (Mercy Brooks), see vol. 5:82.