Adams Family Correspondence, volume 3

John Adams to Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams to John Adams

John Quincy Adams to Abigail Adams, 26 December 1778 JQA AA John Quincy Adams to Abigail Adams, 26 December 1778 Adams, John Quincy Adams, Abigail
John Quincy Adams to Abigail Adams
Hon'd Mamma Passy Decr. 26 1778

it is now with Great Pleasure that I now sit down to write to you & many a time since I came here I have done the same though you say in several Letters that i.e. to My Pappa that you have not rec'd but two or three Letters from My Pappa or me but Pappa rec'd a Letter from Uncle Smith Dated November the 3th1 in which he says that he had taken a Number of Letters for the family Yours have been pretty lucky but I have not rec'd but 2 Letters from you however My Pappa has rec'd several from you in which you complain'd a great deal of my Pappa's not writing to you but be assured that it is not that for he has wrote a great number of Letters to you & I have given you once a Long history of my Voyage2 which I will do another opportunity for at Present it would be too long & I am in a hurry & so I must Leave you for this time. I am with every sentiment of Esteem & respects your dutiful son

John Quincy Adams

RC (Adams Papers); addressed: “To Mrs. John Adams Braintree near Boston.” Text is given here in literal style.


Not found, but see Isaac Smith Sr. to JA, 9 Nov., above.


Not found.