Adams Family Correspondence, volume 3

John Adams to Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams to James Lovell

John Adams to Abigail Adams, 15 November 1779 JA AA


John Adams to Abigail Adams, 15 November 1779 Adams, John Adams, Abigail
John Adams to Abigail Adams
My dearest Portia Sensible off Cape Ann, Novr. 15th. 1779, two O Clock

We have a fine Wind, and in the Course of this Afternoon and Night expect to be clear of Georges Bank, and out of Danger of meeting the Romulus, and the other Rascal.

John, and Charles, as well as S. C. Johonnot,1 are all a little Seasick, but this will soon be over.

Mr. Dana, Mr. Thaxter and myself are yet pretty well, but expect our Turn soon.

We have strong hopes of escaping the Enemy upon this Coast. We follow the Advice of Knox the Pilot, who is a very good Hand.

My Love to my dear Nabby and Thommy. J. and C. send Duty and Love.

God grant me and my little Family a happy Passage, and you and your little Household, Health, and Comfort in our Absence. I hope this will be the last Seperation, We shall suffer from each other, for any Length of Time.—If I should find an Opportunity at Sea, which is not likely, I will write, but certainly by the first Opportunity and by all occassions from France.

Adieu, Adieu, Adieu. John Adams

RC (Adams Papers); addressed: “Mrs. John Adams Braintree.” Tr in CFA's hand (Adams Papers); prepared for CFA's edition of JA-AA, Familiar Letters but in the end excluded.


Samuel Cooper Johonnot (1768–1806), son of the Boston merchant Gabriel Johonnot and grandson of JA's Boston pastor, Rev. Samuel Cooper, was being sent under JA's care to France for schooling. For a fuller note on Johonnot see JA, Diary and Autobiography , 2:418.