Adams Family Correspondence, volume 4

Enclosure: List of Articles<a xmlns="" href="#AFC04d232n1" class="note" id="AFC04d232n1a">1</a>, 17 July 1782 AA JA Enclosure: List of Articles, 17 July 1782 Adams, Abigail Adams, John
Enclosure: List of Articles1

6 lb. best Hyson Tea

2 China Cooffee Pots

1 doz: handled Cups & Saucers—China

2 doz Soup Plates & a Tureen

doz: flat do.

doz small long dishes

2 pr Pudding do.

2 or 3 Brushes

3 or 4 house Brushs

Mrs. Warren has left this memorandom with a request that she may have these articles and she will pay the money to me or send to her Son for any thing I may want from France, but at present I know of nothing, so that I should be glad if they are sent they may not be put with any thing which belongs to me, but invoiced and put up by them selves.


The content of all or some notes that appeared on this page in the printed volume has been moved to the end of the preceding document.

RC (Adams Papers); docketed by CFA: “Portia July 17. 1782.” Enclosures: (1) List of Articles wanted by Mrs. Warren (Adams Papers), printed herewith; see note 12. (2) AA2 to JA, undated letter; not found, but see notes 5 and 10.


MS appears on a separate slip inserted within and now attached to AA's letter enclosing it. The list is in an unidentified hand, except for the crossing out and substitution of the final item, which was done by Mercy Warren. The explanatory paragraph that follows the list is in AA's hand.