Adams Family Correspondence, volume 6

Mary Smith Cranch to Abigail Adams

John Quincy Adams to Abigail Adams 2d

Abigail Adams to Thomas Jefferson, 25 October 1785 AA Jefferson, Thomas


Abigail Adams to Thomas Jefferson, 25 October 1785 Adams, Abigail Jefferson, Thomas
Abigail Adams to Thomas Jefferson
Sir London October 25 1785

I should not so soon have ventured to interrupt your more important avocations by an other Scrible, having writen you a few Days 442since, if it was not to inform you of the loss of your Letters by Mr. Preston.1 He says that when he landed at Dover, he was very sick, and that he could not accompany his trunk to the Custom House, into which for security he had put his Letters, but upon his arrival here he found he had lost them; so that unless your Letter should contain any thing for the English News papers I fear I shall never know its contents. The Gentleman deliverd me a little bundle, by the contents of which I conjecture What you design,2 but must request you to repeat your orders by the first opportunity, that I may have the pleasure of punctually fulfilling them.

A Dr. Rogers from America will convey this to you with the News papers, in which you will see the Letters I mentiond in my last, between Govenour Bowdoin and Captain Stanhope. Lord Gorge Gordon appears to interest himself in behalf of his American Friends, as he stiles them, but neither his Lordships Friendship or enmity are to be coveted.

Mr. Adams writes you by this opportunity.3 I have directed a Letter to Mr. Williamos4 to be left in your care, am very sorry to hear of his ill state of Health.

We hear nothing yet of Col. Smith, know not where he is, as we find by the Gentlemen last arrived5 that he is not at Paris. I am sir with sentiments of Respect & Esteem Your &c.


RC (DLC: Jefferson Papers).


See Jefferson to AA, 11 Oct., and note 2, above.


AA refers to Jefferson's request that she order some shirts to be made up for him; see AA to Jefferson, 7 Oct., and Jefferson to AA, 11 Oct., both above.


On 24 Oct.; in Jefferson, Papers , 8:663–664.


Not found.


Presumably Preston, if “Gentlemen” here is meant to be singular, as it often is with AA.