Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 3

Tuesday. 2d.

Thursday. 4th.

Wednesday. 3rd. CFA


Wednesday. 3rd. CFA
Wednesday. 3rd.

This was the day fixed for the sale of the Wood at Weston. But it looked so cloudy and dark in the morning that I hesitated much about going. At last I concluded that it would be advisable to go if only to stop the sale in time, if bad attendance or weather should cause any necessity for such course. Stopped for Richardson who was ready to go, and arrived there by ten. The sale had commenced, but the Company was large and responsible so that I felt no necessity to do any thing but look on. It was managed with a great deal more expedition than last year. And on the whole was as favourable to my father. The usual ceremony of dinner was performed at which I had an appetite for the rough fare greater than I do on common occasions for the best of food. I stopped the sale at about half past three o’clock when we returned to the House,1 having done enough for one day. The necessary appendage of Tea followed which in the neatness of it’s arrangement pleased me exceedingly. But we delayed too long, for I barely got to Richardson’s House to save him from the rain, which came on with greater violence every minute, and I had for the rest of the time a dark and wet time of it. When I reached home, I was pretty well in the 355Water. Having changed my Clothes, I felt heated and fatigued, and unable to do any thing. So I retired early.


That is, to the farmhouse on the Weston property; see entry for 18 Sept. 1829, above.