Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 7th.

Wednesday. 9th.

Tuesday. 8th. CFA


Tuesday. 8th. CFA
Tuesday. 8th.

Morning cloudy without rain. Went to the Office and from thence to collect Dividends. This with Accounts and lounging consumed my morning. Thomas Doyle called upon me to apply for a situation as Gardener and Coachman at Quincy. I could not give him much of an answer but promised to write to Washington and get word from there in a week.

Walk and home. Mr. Brooks and Mrs. Everett, Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham dined with us, and we had a pleasant time. I afterwards wrote to my Mother1 and as I could do nothing, sat down to the luxury I do not often allow myself, of reading the Mille et une Nuits. I remember the Stories distinctly but I enjoy them far more than I did from the greater relish my not often reading works of a similar description givess me. Evening quietly at home. Read Manoeuvring and afterwards instead of German went on with the Arabian Tales.


The letter (Adams Papers) is concerned chiefly with the possible employment of Thomas Doyle.