Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 15th.

Friday. 17th.

Thursday. 16th. CFA


Thursday. 16th. CFA
Thursday. 16th.

As my Wife was going to town in the Carriage, Mr. Brooks and I accompanied her. Morning engaged in several Commissions. Went to the House and from there to several other places with my Wife. Time short.

Mr. Devereux and Walsh called and consumed some of it in their schemes. They are unsettled by the present motion in Offices and wish to make hard bargains out of me.1 I do not know whether it is wise to resist them or not. I hope these revolutions will cease with the present completion of the Street. My father’s property here ceases to 404be productive in one part when it begins in another. So that on the whole things remain pretty even.

Home by the way of Cambridge to enquire after Mrs. Parks’ condition which is very bad. Afternoon, I did not feel at all well. But I pursued my usual avocations which hardly need recapitulating as I do so often. Evening read Ovid Metamorphoses, which do not, I think, hold out quite so well as I had anticipated. More conceit and less beauty.


John Devereux and John Walsh were the current tenants at 23 Court Street (M/CFA/3).