Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Thursday. 28th.

Saturday. 30th.

Friday. 29th. CFA Friday. 29th. CFA
Friday. 29th.

Very warm. I was again obliged to go out to Quincy for the purpose of putting in motion the People whom I have got there. I did as well as I could but found myself at every step puzzled exceedingly for want of knowledge where every thing is put. This is a sad obstacle. On the whole I hardly know where to begin in my arrangements and from the cheerless aspect of the place feel less heart to do any thing than I have ever done. A shower detained me doing little until I barely got home to dinner. A letter from my father that they would not return until Sunday.1 I am not ready for them even then.

Afternoon, I went down to see the Editor of the Advocate. A long conversation with him upon the present state of affairs and prospects for the future—The character of Mr. Webster and the efforts he has made to destroy or see destroyed through his friends my father’s influence in Massachusetts. I am resolved upon an attempt at counteraction and for this purpose laid down what I think is the only mode. He seemed well disposed to sustain the course proposed. We separated with a prospect of pushing the support of Mr. Van Buren from an independent source. Evening continued and finished No. 7.


To CFA, 27 May (Adams Papers).