Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Friday. 26th.

Sunday. 28th.

Saturday. 27th. CFA Saturday. 27th. CFA
Saturday. 27th.

Day of clouds and rain. The Newspapers still defer my publishing of No. 2 and will effectually drive it out of the public mind if they continue in this manner. I was in low spirits all day. Could not strain up my mind to any thing. This is the reaction of a mode of life over stimulating. There is but little happiness out of the gentler currents of existence.

I went to the Office and was occupied in writing Diary and drawing up the Accounts for the year. My balance is perhaps too favorable. I also drew up an Acct. Current with my father for the last Quarter. Called at the Athenaeum to see Durand who has got the Picture finished of Mr. Brooks and a good likeness. He goes away in a few days. I spoke to him about the other picture of my father.

Afternoon at home. I resumed seriously the seventh volume of Thiers with the state of anarchy in France consequent upon the fall of the Jacobins. I think the Author leans a little too much on that side. But his is the only clear history I ever read. Evening at home. Conversation with my Wife. Then Mad. du Deffand and early to bed.