Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Sunday. 28th.

Tuesday. 30th.

Monday. 29th. CFA Monday. 29th. CFA
Monday. 29th.

Morning cool and pleasant. My number did not appear. It is tolerably clear to me that the plan is to kill their effect by delay, and I am 168not certain that I shall not lose as much by my introduction of my papers as I can expect to gain.

To the Office where I was occupied drawing up the Account for T. B. Adams for three quarters of a year. I regret to perceive in the Newspaper of this morning that Mr. John Bailey is dead of a consumption—A valuable man and a good friend to my father.1 I regret it. Went to see Mr. Durand about Mr. Brooks’ picture. He has finished it and means to send it home tomorrow.

Home where I found my Mother who came in with little Louisa for a sitting.2 As usual there was so much uneasiness that my Wife was not well and the house in confusion. She remained until five o’clock when I went with her to pay a visit at Mrs. Pickman’s to Mrs. De Wint. Found Mrs. J. H. Foster and two daughters with Miss Harriet Welsh there. Short and stiff. Home where I finished Thiers’ Account of the Convention, and the famous day of the sections.

Evening with my Wife, after which I resumed my Papers, and bearing in mind Mr. Francis’ Sermon, sat down to write over and improve No. 3.


JQA’s diary entry for this day is devoted to an affectionate sketch of the life of Bailey and to an account of JQA’s long association with him.


Durand, having completed the portraits of JQA and Georgeanna Frances, was engaged on a portrait of Mary Louisa which LCA planned to give to the children’s mother, Mrs. JA2. See Oliver, Portraits of JQA and His Wife , p. 174.