Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Monday. 28th.

Wednesday. 30th.

Tuesday. 29th. CFA


Tuesday. 29th. CFA
Tuesday. 29th.

It was clear in the morning but gradually clouded up and rained heavily before night. I remained here and occupied myself much of my time in finishing with the papers. I have not been sufficiently diligent heretofore and this consequently leaves a great mass to be done hastily. The greater part is however disposed of.

I thought I could not leave Quincy without once more visiting the Quarries of Granite which are now in the process of working. I therefore rode up to the Railway house and walked from thence to the most distant one. Mr. Dudley was not there but I found he had made great work with the stone and was carrying it off with great rapidity. It is very fine. The others have labored with equal assiduity but with less success. Their chance in the long run is however the best. What a scene of industry this hill presents. I found neither of them ready to hand in an Account, and I requested them so to do.

Home just in time for dinner. Afternoon divided in attention to the papers and accompanying my Mother in a fishing excursion of her’s. Thus I was so fatigued as to be able to do little in the evening. Retired early.