Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Saturday. 19th.

Monday. 21st.

Sunday. 20th. CFA


Sunday. 20th. CFA
Sunday. 20th.

Drizzling, misty, disagreeable day. I read some of the letters in the general correspondence of Voltaire this morning until the hour for service which I attended as usual at Mr. Frothingham’s. He preached from a singular text. Hebrews. 11. 32. “The time would fail me to tell of Samson” but ingeniously extended the argument of the Apostle who was instancing the cases of the various heroes of the Old Testament as proving his position that by faith every thing was to be done. Afternoon Mr. Sullivan of N.H.1 preached from 1. Peter 3. 4. “The ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.” Not very interesting, nor original. My attention wandered.

Read a discourse from Dr. Barrow in continuation of the series upon Industry and embracing that portion which applies to men in the particular calling of Gentlemen. Text same as last Sunday. Romans 12. 11. “Not slothful in business.” This discourse though short recommended itself to my attention entirely on account of its particular applicability to my situation. I find it necessary to be perpetually reasoning myself into the necessity of exertion. And a Sermon which points out to me the reasons for and duty of action in a manner I cannot dispute is a valuable support against the insidious attacks of Sloth.

Evening, Thomas B. Frothingham and Elizabeth C. Adams spent with us. Afterwards, tried to write, but in vain.


Perhaps Rev. Thomas Russell Sullivan, a graduate of Harvard, 1817, and of the Divinity School, 1821 ( Harvard Quinquennial Cat. ).