Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Monday. 30th.

Wednesday. June 1.

Tuesday. 31st. CFA Tuesday. 31st. CFA
Tuesday. 31st.

A clear day but still cold. This is the first appearance of the sun since Saturday the 21st. I took the opportunity to go to Quincy. Found at the house Mr. W. Spear, and walked with him up the hill to observe. My father seems much pleased with the idea of my building so that I have made up my mind to begin, by selecting a site.1 But this is the difficulty—I saw three or four which pleased me.

I then went down to the place they have for a Bank and paid for the Stock which I had engaged to take. I am told, my decision has pleased the people of Quincy very much. I am pleased on their account, though I doubt whether they are consulting their own interests in this matter. That I have put myself to great inconvenience to accommodate them is very certain.

I called at Mr. Brigham’s, but could not get the money for the Notes of the Quincy Canal which were to be paid, as I found my father had taken them from Quincy with him. Collected the interest at least. Home to Boston.2 Met Mr. Everett—Conversation with him about my father’s letter. He said he should write.

Afternoon, Sir Jas. Mackintosh which I continued in the evening leaving off only for one canto of Ariosto. Louisa DeWint this day left us for New York in company with her sister. Thus we are again left to ourselves at home.


CFA had mentioned in his letter of 18 May to his father his desire to build a home in Quincy with a preference that it be located on the hill opposite the Old House. He proposed a long-term lease of a lot. In his response of 24 May, JQA, expressing his delight at the prospect, offered any lot to be chosen by CFA as an outright gift (both letters in Adams Papers).


Upon returning to Boston, CFA wrote to JQA (LbC, Adams Papers) concerning his investment in the bank on their several accounts and asking for the return of the notes of the Quincy Canal owned by JQA so that they might be presented for payment.