Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 5th.

Saturday. 7th.

Friday. 6th. CFA


Friday. 6th. CFA
Friday. 6th.

Cold continues. Office. Accounts and Diary. T. K. Davis came in to talk about Mr. Walsh. He has been making interest for him with others for a situation as private Tutor in Theodore Lyman’s family. He came to me to talk about it and I very strongly inclined to favour it. But before he had done, Mr. Russel Freeman came in,1 one of the proscribed at the commencement of this Administration who has been living for seven years and three quarters upon the hope of being restored, a thing about as likely to happen as for the moon to fall. I told him I wished him well but that neither I nor my father could aid him much. He said he had promises from Mr. Woodbury and he wished to sound A. H. Everett and Hallett. I told him Mr. Sprague and Mr. Borden with Hallett might aid him effectively.2 Poor fellow, if his diet is to be promises of men in place.

Walk and home. Livy. Afternoon, Plutarch and Burnet. Nothing of note. Forster’s Travels, after which evening reading Mons. von Tietz whose first Volume I finished then the President Goguet.


Russell Freeman, a friend of GWA and a one-time supporter of JQA, was without office during the Jackson administration; see vol. 3:164–165.


Levi Woodbury, Democrat of N.H., was secretary of the treasury in both the Jackson and Van Buren administrations. William Sprague of R.I. had declined reelection to Congress in late 1836 but would become governor in 1838. Nathaniel Briggs Borden of Fall River was serving in Congress as a Van Buren Democrat.