Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Sunday. 11th.

Tuesday. 13th.

Monday 12th. CFA


Monday 12th. CFA
Monday 12th.

Cloudy with showers. At home. Evening, a short ride. At the Mansion.

I devoted three hours of my morning to a copy of a letter of my grandmother’s sent to me by the kindness of Mrs. John Greenleaf. It is long and in the nature of a Journal so that I finished only about a quarter part.1 Finished Texier which is a good book and read a little of Menzel.

After dinner, I went out, deeming it a favorable opportunity and put in a multitude of buds being my second experiment, the first having been but partially successful on account of a mistake in setting the buds too low in the tree. I took a short ride accompanied by my father after tea and returned soon. Rest of the evening at the house.


The journal letter is probably that from AA to Mrs. Greenleaf’s mother, Mary Smith Cranch, 6–30 July 1784, describing her voyage to join JA and her first days in London. Now in MWA, the letter in its entirety was included in AA, Letters , ed. CFA, 1840, p. 199–241.