Diary of John Adams, volume 1

20 9 Fryday. JA


9 Fryday. Adams, John
9 Fryday.

Drank Tea at Coll. Chandlers, spent the Evening at home with My Friend Eliot, lodged with him.

10 Saturday. JA


10 Saturday. Adams, John
10 Saturday.

A raw cold day. The man to whom Nature has given a great and Surprizing Genius, will perform Great and Surprizing Atchievments, but a Soul originally narrow and confined, will never be enlarged to a distinguishing Capacity. Such a one must be content to grovel amidst pebles, and Butterflies thro the whole of his Life. By dilligence and Attention, indeed, he may possibly get the Character of a Man of Sence, but never that of a great Man.

11 Sunday. JA


11 Sunday. Adams, John
11 Sunday.

Heard Mr. Maccarty preach all Day. Spent the Evening at Mr. Paines, and supped upon fresh Fish with the Coll., Mr. Putnam, Major Gardiner and his Lady. Talking about Law and Pollitics.

12 Monday. JA


12 Monday. Adams, John
12 Monday.

Signs of Rain. Cleard off about 10. A most beautiful Day. Drank Tea with Coll. Chandler, and spent the Evening, at Major Gardiners, with the Coll., Messrs. Maccarty, Paine, Putnam, Green.

12 [i.e. 13] Tuesday. JA


12 [i.e. 13] Tuesday. Adams, John
12 i.e. 13 Tuesday.

A fine morning. A Charming warm Day. Every thing looks gay and lively. The Grass begins to spring, and the sprightly sunbeams gleam upon the houses. The windows are opened, the insects begin to buz, and every thing wellcomes the Joyful Spring.—Went to the Drs. Farm.

13 [i.e. 14] Wednesday. JA


13 [i.e. 14] Wednesday. Adams, John
13 i.e. 14 Wednesday.

A pleasant morning. Wheeler drank Tea here. I went with him in the Evening, to Capt. Stearns.

14 [i.e. 15] Thurdsday. JA


14 [i.e. 15] Thurdsday. Adams, John
14 i.e. 15 Thurdsday.

Wheeler and I breakfasted at Mr. Maccarty’s. Went to Mr. Dyers.1 Very warm. Drank Tea and spent the Evening at Mr. Putnams, in conversation concerning Christianity. He is of Opinion that the Apostles were a Company of Enthusiasts. He says we have only their word, to 21prove that they spoke with different Tongues, raised the Dead, and healed the Sick &c.2


Joseph Dyer, “an excentric Character ... who had removed from Boston and lived on a Farm of Mr. Thomas Handcock, Uncle of the late Governor, and kept a Shop” (JA, Autobiography).


Putnam’s religious opinions are described more fully in JA’s Autobiography.