Diary of John Adams, volume 2

1771. Saturday. June 22nd.

Monday. June 24. 1771.

Sunday June 23d. JA


Sunday June 23d. Adams, John
Sunday June 23d.

In the Morning my Horse was gone. Went to Meeting all day and heard old Mr. Rogers—a good, well meaning man, I believe. After Meeting rode to Newbury, and visited Brother Lowell, Brother Farnham, and then went and supped with Mr. Jonathan Jackson, in Company with Capt. Tracy, Mr. Hooper, Mr. Williams, Mr. Frasier1 and Brother Lowell. Then went and lodged with Lowell.


Moses Frazier, a merchant of Newburyport. His daughter Mary was to have an important connection with the Adams family as the girl who principally inspired JQA's poem “The Vision,” written in 1788. See JQA, Life in a New England Town , passim; Currier, Newburyport , 2:540–547; Bemis, JQA , 1:24 and note, with references there.