Diary of John Adams, volume 2

1772. Octr.

1772. Octr. 27. Tuesday.

Octr. 19. 1772. Boston. JA


Octr. 19. 1772. Boston. Adams, John
Octr. 19. 1772. Boston.

The Day of the Month reminds me of my Birth day, which will be on the 30th. I was born Octr. 19. 1735. Thirty Seven Years, more than half the Life of Man, are run out.—What an Atom, an Animalcule I am!—The Remainder of my Days I shall rather decline, in Sense, Spirit, and Activity. My Season for acquiring Knowledge is past. And Yet I have my own and my Childrens Fortunes to make. My boyish Habits, and Airs are not yet worn off.