Diary of John Adams, volume 2

167 [Account with Joseph Bass.] JA Bass, Joseph [Account with Joseph Bass.] Adams, John Bass, Joseph
Account with Joseph Bass.
£ s d
May 31. 1775 pd. Jos. Bass a Dollar 0: 6: 0
pd. him before 2 Dollars 0: 12: 0
pd. him before at Braintree a Guinea 1: 8: 0
Jos. Bass Dr. to John Adams
Aug. 14. 1775.
To ballance of your Acct. left at Philadelphia, as you recollect it if wrong to be rectified 2: 8: 0
To a Guinea paid you before we went away from Braintree 1: 8: 0
To Cash left with Mrs. Yard to pay Dr. Shippen for innoculating you 2: 0: 0
To Cash paid you this Day 5: 0: 0
10: 16: 0
By your Service from 26th. of April to the fourteenth of Aug. 1775. 10: 16: 0

Braintree Aug. 14. 1775.1 Received of John Adams Five Pounds lawfull Money, which together with five Pounds sixteen shillings of lawfull Money received before, is in full for my Service from the 26th. of April to this day.

Joseph Bass jr.

The itemized accounts with Bass above are in D/JA/22B. The receipt, in JA's hand and signed by Bass, is in M-Ar: vol. 210.

[Samuel Cooke’s Bills for Board.<a xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0" href="#DJA02d223n1" class="note" id="DJA02d223n1a">1</a>] Cooke, Samuel JA


[Samuel Cooke’s Bills for Board.] Cooke, Samuel Adams, John
Samuel Cooke's Bills for Board.1
The Honble. John Adams Esqr. to Saml. Cook Dr.
Augst. 24th. To Boarding your Lady & Self 3 days £0: 12:
To 3 days Keeping yr. Horse 3:
£0: 15:
Received the Contents in full for my Brother Saml. Cooke
The Honble. John Adams to Samll. Cooke junr. Dr.
To boardg: 6 days @ 2/ £0: 12. 0
To breakfasting & dining 4 persons @ 9/ 3.
To keeping your horse 4 nights @ 1/ 4.
£0. 19
Received the above in full Saml. Cooke junr.
168 1.

M-Ar: vol. 210, where it is followed by the second (undated) bill from Cooke, printed here without a separate caption. Cooke's was presumably in Watertown, where JA was attending the Massachusetts Council. AA was with him there from the 22d through the 24th (AA to Mercy Otis Warren, 27 Aug., MHi). In a list of Council members and their expenses authorized for payment on 11 Sept. JA is stated to have attended Council nine days during the first session of the new General Court (M-Ar: vol. 164).