Diary of John Adams, volume 2

269 Wednesday Novr. 19. 1777. JA


Wednesday Novr. 19. 1777. Adams, John
Wednesday Novr. 19. 1777.

Dined at Storms, lodged last night and breakfasted this Morning at Loudouns at Fish Kill. Here We are at Coll. Morehouses's a Member of Assembly for Dutchess County.

Thursday Novr. 20. JA


Thursday Novr. 20. Adams, John
Thursday Novr. 20.

To Harrwington Harwinton, Phillips's 5 Miles.—To Yales in Farmington 5.—To Humphreys in Simsbury 7 miles.—To Owens in Simsbury 7 miles.—To Sheldons in Suffield 10.—Kents in Suffield 5.— To Springfield 10.

Novr. 21. JA


Novr. 21. Adams, John
Novr. 21.

To Hays's, Salmon Brook 5. miles.—To Southwick, Loomis, 6.—To Fowlers 3. miles.—To Westfield, Claps, 4 miles.—To Captn. Claps, 4 miles this Side N.H.—To North Hampton, Lymans or Clarks.1


The date of JA's arrival in Braintree, 27 Nov., is recorded in his summary account rendered to the State of Massachusetts, enclosed in a letter to Speaker James Warren, 15 Jan. 1778 (NN:Emmet Coll.).