Diary of John Adams, volume 2

Fryday [15 February]. Evening. JA


Fryday [15 February]. Evening. Adams, John
Fryday 15 February. Evening.

Going to Mr. Pitts's, to meet the Kennebeck Company—Bowdoin, Gardiner, Hallowell, and Pitts. There I shall hear Philosophy, and Politicks, in Perfection from H.—high flying, high Church, high state from G.—sedate, cool, Moderation from B.—and warm, honest, frank 6Whiggism from P. I never spent an Evening at Pitts's. What can I learn tonight.

Came home and can now answer the Question. I learned nothing. The Company was agreable enough.—Came home in great Anxiety and distress, and had a most unhappy Night—never in more misery, in my whole Life—God grant, I may never see such another Night.

Saturday. Feby. 16. JA


Saturday. Feby. 16. Adams, John
Saturday. Feby. 16.

Have had a pensive day.1


The next entry in the present Diary booklet (D/JA/16), curiously, is dated 21 Nov. 1772; this is followed by 18 blank leaves and then by scattered entries from ca. 20 July 1771, through 28 i.e. 27 Nov. 1772.