Diary of John Adams, volume 3

The Adams Family's Residence in Auteuil, 1784–1785 facing page 257[unavailable]

Photograph of Rue d'Auteuil Nos. 43–47, from Fernand Girardin, Maisons de plaisances françaises, parcs et jardins, Paris [1920]. xiiThis was the residence of John Adams during an illness in the fall of 1783 and of the Adams family from August 1784 to May 1785. See Adams' Diary under 14 September–6 October 1783 and notes, p. 143–144; 17 August 1784, p. 171. For an illustrated description of the house, accompanied by richly detailed letters by Mrs. Adams about the family's life there, see Howard C. Rice Jr., The Adams Family in Auteuil, 1784–1785, Boston, 1956.