Diary of John Adams, volume 3

29 Oct. 16. Wednesday. JA


Oct. 16. Wednesday. Adams, John
Oct. 16. Wednesday.

Dined with the Baron De Linden de Blitterswick, the first Noble of Zealand. Llano, Almeida, Thulemeyer, Mirabel, Gallitzin and Markow, were all there. Geelwink, Sarsefield, Heyden, Boreel &c. 16 in all.

Mr. De Linden told me that their H.M. had lately consulted with all their Amirals and best Master Builders and had endeavoured to discover the best possible Model of a Ship, and that he would send it to me, as he did the next Morning. I have desired Mr. Dumas to send it to Congress.—Received an Invitation from Court to sup, tomorrow night. Sent an Excuse.

Oct. 17. Thursday. JA


Oct. 17. Thursday. Adams, John
Oct. 17. Thursday.

Began my Journey to Paris from the Hague, dined at Harlem and drank Tea at five O Clock at Amsterdam. Paid Mr. Bromfield 200 Ducats 1050 Guilders and took his Receipt upon Account....1 Met Mr. Willink upon the Road, going to the Hague, with a Lady. He has left for me a Letter of Credit upon Paris, unlimited. He wished my Journey to Paris might have a Tendency towards Peace.


Suspension points in MS.

October 18. Fryday. JA


October 18. Fryday. Adams, John
October 18. Fryday.

Sat off, at ten from the Arms of Amsterdam with Mr. John Thaxter and Mr. Charles Storer. Refreshed our Horses at Loenen a Village, half Way to Utrecht, passed the Villages Bruykelen, Massen and Suylen.1

It is 8 hours, Stones, or Leagues from Amsterdam to Utrecht. The Village of Suylen and its Neighbourhood is full of Brick Killns. The Clay is found in that Neighborhood, and they burn the Bricks with Turf, Wood and Coal. Put up at Utrecht at the New Castle of Antwerp, which is now kept by Oblet, who speaks English very well, altho born at Leyden. The grand Canal, which runs through this Town is a great Curiosity. The paved Street upon each Side of it, is a covered Way, or rather, the Cover of a Cellar. The Cellars of the Houses are all continued out, under this Paved Street, to the Canal. And there are Doors through which Men pass from the Canal, under the Street into the Cellars of the Houses and e contra from the Cellars to the Canal and the Boats, Barks, or Schuits in it. The city maintains the Pavement but the Vaults underneath are maintained by the Proprietors. Oblet tells me, that the Spanish and Prussian Ambassadors were here, a few days ago. Came in an hired Carriage. That 30 Lord Stormont and his Lady were once here. Travelled only with 2 Men Servants. Very near. My Lady had not so much as a Maid, with her. Peterson is much hated. Oostergo makes a damned noise to day, about the fleets not going to Brest.


Modern maps give the names of these villages as Breukelen, Maarssen, and Zuilen.