Diary of John Adams, volume 4

May 24. Sunday 1778.

May 26. Tuesday. 1778.

Commissioners to John Daniel Schweighauser
Sir Passi May 25. 1778

We enclose you Extracts, from our Letters of this Days Date, to Mr. Williams and Captain Jones, which We recommend to your Attention, and We hope this Arrangement will produce the Order and Oeconomy so necessary to the proper conduct of public Business. Our Wish is, that you will give Us previous notice of any extraordinary proposed Expence, that We may determine, before it is incurred, how far it is consistent with our Finances, it being our determination to avoid running in Debt, or pledging ourselves for what We cannot perform. You will be so good, as to send Us an Account every month, and We will direct your Bills upon Us, for the ballance to be paid by our Banker. We are with great respect, Sir, your most obedient Servants

B. Franklin, Arthur Lee, John Adams.
Mr. Schweighauser.