Diary of John Adams, volume 4

June 10. 1778.

July 4. 1778.

Commissioners to Francis Coffyn
Sir Passi June 26. 1778

We have had the honor of your Letters of June 18 and 1912 referring to a former Letter respecting a Surgeons Bill, which We have received.

As to the Surgeons Bill, We leave it wholly to you, to settle with him and allow him what you shall think just. The Account appears to Us to be too high, and We think with you, that the deduction you mention ought to be made.

We are obliged to you, Sir, for the Articles of Intelligence you have sent Us, and wish for further favours of that kind, and approve much of your Proposal of transmitting Intelligence to America by every Opportunity.


The Whalemen and other Seamen you mention, We wish may be sent to Brest or to Nantes, to serve on board our Frigates, where they will find many of their Countrymen and Comrades. At Nantes or Brest they will find Mr. Schweighauser or his Agent, who will find them Employment immediately; unless they should be willing to engage with Mr. Amiel, which We should prefer.

Inclosed with this, you have a Commission, Instructions and a Bond. The Bond We wish you to see executed with the usual Formalities, and when executed transmit it to Us. The Commission and Instructions you will deliver to Mr. Amiel.13 We are, Sir your most humble Servants.

Signed B. Franklin, Arthur Lee, John Adams.
Francis Coffin Esq.