Diary of John Adams, volume 4

11–13 July 1778

July 25. 1778.

Commissioners to Abraham Whipple
Captain Whipple
Passi July 16. 1778.

We have ordered Lieutenant Sympson to whom the Command of the Ranger devolves, by the destination of Captain Jones to another [facing 162] [facing 163] 163 Service, to join you and obey your orders, respecting his future Cruises and Voyage to America. We wish you to Use all possible dispatch, in getting to Sea, with the Providence, Boston and Ranger.

You are to Use your utmost Endeavours, to take, burn, sink and destroy all Privateers of Jersey and Guernsey, and all other British Cruisers, within the Command of your Force, as you may have Opportunity.

You are to leave all the Prisoners in such place, and in the Custody of such Persons, as Mr. Schweighauser shall advise. We are &c.

B. Franklin, Arthur Lee, John Adams.