Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

Monday September 4th 1780.

Wednesday 6th of September 1780.

Tuesday September the 5th 1780. JQA


Tuesday September the 5th 1780. Adams, John Quincy
Tuesday September the 5th 1780.

As I have nothing else to write for to day I will translate from the Guide D'Amsterdam something about the Medical Garden.1

This is all which is said in the book of that garden.

This evening Stevens came here and brought me two letters from Paris one from Cockran and the other from Deane2 two of my Schoolmates at Paris.


JQA's marginal note here, “vide Page 11 of this volume of my Journal,” refers to his entry of 25 Aug. (above), where he describes his visit to the Medicinal Garden.

This paragraph is followed by JQA's English translation of Le Guide, ou nouvelle description d'Amsterdam, p. 224–226, though JQA's description of the Medicinal Garden differs somewhat from the source. There are mistranslations and omissions, and some paraphrasing and alterations, a number probably arising from changes in the Garden since the publication of Le Guide in 1772.


Letters not found.