Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1



20th. JQA


20th. Adams, John Quincy

Spent the whole day at home. Miss Nancy spent the afternoon and evening at Mr. Duncan's. In the beginning of the Evening my uncle and Aunt arrived, although they were not expected before to-morrow. I am rejoyced at it, for the time they have been gone has appeared long to me, and somewhat dull. My Aunt brought me Letters from London, as two vessels have arrived. I have two from my Mother, which excite my curiosity to an high degree;1 and it cannot be gratified without those from my Sister, which I hope will come by the Post to morrow. I know not, that I was ever so impatient, and I cannot Reason myself out of it.


AA to JQA, 11, 23 Aug.; also received was one from William Vans Murray to JQA, 2 Aug., all in Adams Papers (JQA to AA2, 1–22 Oct., Adams Papers). JQA knew some decision had been made about Royall Tyler, but not yet exactly what. In the first of AA's letters to her son, she wrote that he would be surprised by the contents of some of the letters arriving in packets, but added that β€œat the same time you will approve the wise conduct of the writer [AA2] who has shewn a firmness of mind and prudence which do her honour. Be Silent! We are all rejoiced because it came of her own accord free and unsolicited from her, and was the result I believe of many Months anxiety as you were witness.” For AA2's letter, which was being concluded as AA wrote, see entry for 29 Oct. (below). AA2 wrote a one-sentence letter to Tyler breaking the engagement, returning his miniature and letters, and asking that he give hers to Richard Cranch (JA, Earliest Diary , p. 27).