Early Diary of John Adams, volume 1

<milestone n="7" unit="folio"> </milestone>April 1st. 1754. JA


April 1st. 1754. Adams, John
April 1st. 1754.

Then, Mr. Winthrop began a Course of Experimental 1


Written in JA’s experimental hand of 1754–1756, with this fragmentary line canceled and the date heading certainly intended to be. This false beginning of JA’s notes on Winthrop’s lectures heads p. {7} of the MS and was lined out, presumably at once, because JA supposed that he would need more space than he had left for his (unwritten) journal entries for the last dozen days of March; see note on entry of 19 March 1754, above. For the true beginning of the lecture notes, see the second entry of 1 April 1754, p. 60, below.