Legal Papers of John Adams, volume 2

Adams' Minutes of the Trial


The Adams Family Correspondence was composed on the Linotype and printed directly from type by the Harvard University Printing Office. Rudolph Ruzicka's Fairfield Medium, with several variant characters designed expressly for The Adams Papers, is used throughout. The text is set in the elevenpoint size and the lines are spaced one and one-half points. The photolithographic illustrations are the work of The Meriden Gravure Company. The cover fabric is a product of the Holliston Mills, Inc., and the books were bound by the Stanhope Bindery. The paper, made by the S. D. Warren Company, is a new grade named University Text. It was developed by Harvard University Press, for first use in The Adams Papers, and bears its mark. The books were designed by P. J. Conkwright and Burton L. Stratton.

This is a digital reprinting of the first edition. This book's pages were scanned by Technologies 'N Typography, creating digital files for the printer. DMI printed this volume on a Xerox Docutech, on a grade of paper called Rockland Opaque, made by Rolland Fine Papers. The volume was bound by Bridgeport National Bindery, using an Ultrabind machine to meet library rebinding standards. The cover fabric is a buckram made by ICG/Holliston.