Papers of John Adams, volume 3

IX. Committee Assignments
14 September – 4 December 1775
14 September. Eliphalet Dyer, Thomas Lynch, John Jay, JA, Francis Lewis ( JCC , 2:250). A standing committee to devise ways and means for supplying the Continental Army with medicines. This committee left only scattered evidence of its activities and is treated here through August 1776. JA may not have been an active member for this entire period. 157 Thomas Heyward Jr. and Lyman Hall added to the committee: 18 June 1776 ( JCC , 5:463). Reported on memorial from Dr. John Morgan and report tabled: 12 July; Dft in PCC (same, 5:460–461, 556; PCC, No. 19, IV, f. 181–184). Resolutions adopted: 17 July ( JCC , 5:568–571). Benjamin Rush added to the committee: 7 Aug. (same, 5:636). Reported on petition of Dr. Samuel Stringer and resolutions adopted: 20 Aug.; Dft not found (same, 5:661, 673). Reported on petition of Dr. James McHenry and resolutions adopted: 26 Aug.; Dft not found (same, 5:698, 705). See also, for other references to the committee, JCC , 3:261, 344; 5:528, 622, 633. 25 September. Thomas Lynch, Richard Henry Lee, JA ( JCC , 3:261). To prepare an answer to letters from George Washington of 4 and 31 Aug. 1775. Reported and report agreed to: 26 Sept.; Dft not found (same, 3:263; see John Hancock to George Washington, 26 Sept. 1775, LbC in PCC, No. 12A, I, f. 3–6). 9 October. JA, John Rutledge, Samuel Chase, Robert R. Livingston, Silas Deane ( JCC , 3:284–285). To prepare an answer to letters and enclosures from Philip Schuyler of 19 and 29 Sept. Reported and report tabled: 10 Oct.; Dft not found (same, 3:287). Report agreed to: 11 Oct. (same, 3:288; see John Hancock to Philip Schuyler, 11 Oct. 1775, LbC in PCC, No. 12A, I, f. 13–16). 13 October. John Rutledge, Samuel Adams, JA, Samuel Ward, Richard Henry Lee ( JCC , 3:294). To consider memorials from New York and Philadelphia merchants on tea imported before 1 March 1775. Reported and report postponed: 18 Oct., 13 Nov., 25 Nov.; Dft not found (same, 3:298, 353, 370). Report rejected: 28 Nov. (same, 3:388–389). 2 November. Thomas Lynch, John Jay, Richard Henry Lee, Silas Deane, JA ( JCC , 3:317). To draw up instructions for the committee to confer with Philip Schuyler. Letter from Philip Schuyler of 21 Oct. with enclosures referred to the committee: 4 Nov. (same, 3:320). Report agreed to and instructions printed: 8 Nov.; Dft not found (same, 3:339–341). 17 November. George Wythe, Edward Rutledge, JA, William Livingston, Benjamin Franklin, James Wilson, Thomas Johnson ( JCC , 3:357–358). To consider the portion of George Washington's letter of 8 Nov. relating to the disposal of captured ships and goods. Reported and report tabled: 23 Nov.; Dft not found (same, 3:364–365). 158 Report debated and deferred: 24 Nov. (same, 3:368–369). Resolutions adopted: 25 Nov. (same, 3:371–375). Reported again, modifying second resolution of 25 Nov., after JA had left congress: 19 Dec. (same, 3:437). Additional duties assigned, 25 Nov.: to consider the portion of George Washington's letter of 11 Nov. concerning a vessel captured by inhabitants of New Hampshire (same, 3:375). Report not found. 4 December. JA, Thomas Cushing, Thomas McKean ( JCC , 3:406). To inquire into the facts which caused congress to give permission, on 2 Dec., to Capt. Thomas Jenkins to supply Nantucket. Reported and report read: 8 Dec.; Dft not found (same, 3:415). Resolutions adopted: 11 Dec. (same, 3:421–422).