Papers of John Adams, volume 8

To the President of the Congress, No. 3

To Joseph Gardoqui & Sons

To Joseph Gardoqui & Sons, 20 January 1780 JA Gardoqui, Joseph, & Sons (business) To Joseph Gardoqui & Sons, 20 January 1780 Adams, John Gardoqui, Joseph, & Sons (business)
To Joseph Gardoqui & Sons
Gentlemen Bilbao, ante 20 January 1780 1

If you will be so good as to send to America, on Board of Either each of the Vessells now here2 to the Amount of Twenty Pounds sterling in Articles for the Use of my Family, and consign them to my Adress, and to the Care of Isaac Smith Esq of Boston, I will pay your Bills, with Pleasure and hold myself obliged besides. The Articles I wish to have sent are, become very scarce in America

one Piece of common Linnen a few Dozens of Glass Tumblers half a dozen plain Glass Decanters. a few Dozens of Silk Handkerchiefs two Dozens of common Table Knives and Forks. Half a Dozen large and fine Blanketts. half a Dozen Pounds of Green Tea. 3

LbC (Adams Papers).


JA left Bilbao on the 20th (JA, Diary and Autobiography , 2:433).


These were the Phoenix, James Babson, and the Rambler, Benjamin Lovett, which were owned by the Traceys of Newburyport and Andrew Cabot of Beverly, respectively (JQA, Diary , 1:30).


The Letterbook copy was wholly canceled by a series of large X's, presumably because of either JA's initial decision not to send any goods to America from Bilbao (see JA to AA, 16 Jan., Adams Family Correspondence, 3:258–259), or his personal presentation of his order to Gardoqui & Sons. JA did give the Gardoquis an order that was nearly identical to this one, which they shipped on board the Phoenix in February (see Gardoqui & Sons to JA, 19 Feb., below). Sending such merchandise was a convenient way for JA to get money into AA's hands, for she could sell the items she did not need at a good profit (AA to JA, 15 April, Adams Family Correspondence , 3:320–323).