Papers of John Adams, volume 9

From Edmund Jenings

From Thomas Digges

To James Moylan, 6 March 1780 JA Moylan, James


To James Moylan, 6 March 1780 Adams, John Moylan, James
To James Moylan
Dear sir Paris Hotel de Valois Ruë de Richelieu March 6. 1780

I have but this Moment received yours of the 28 Ultimo, and am much obligd to you and Captain Jones for undertaking, my little Commission, which will give you I believe more Trouble than a little to pick up a parcel of such little dittos.1

As to the Damask Table Cloths, omit them alltogether. As to the coloured Velvet I know nothing about it, you will therefore omit that Article too, which will be a just Punishment to P. B. A.2 for giving me such an unintelligible Article. As to the Delph and stone Ware, if the Ladies will give one the Commission to purchase such Things for them they ought to tell Us what and how much. No great Quantity could be meant I believe, if it was I would not think of sending it by such an opportunity. I would not encumber C. Jones with any such Lumber. I fancy a few Dozens of Plates for ordinary Use in a family is all that could be intended. It is best to omit it, altogether.3

I am, sir with much Esteem, your obliged, humbl sert.

LbC (Adams Papers.)


See Moylan's letter of 28 Feb. and JA's letter to Moylan of 22 Feb., notes 2 and 4 (vol. 8:378, 351).


Peter Boylston Adams, JA's brother.


For the substance of Moylan's invoice, dated 8 May (not found), and JA's reply of 14 May (LbC, Adams Papers), see Adams Family Correspondence , 3:338–339. JA entrusted the merchandise to the Alliance's surgeon, Dr. Amos Windship, but when the frigate reached Boston on 16 Aug., neither Windship nor the trunk was aboard. Moylan later found that, in the uproar over Pierre Landais' seizure of the Alliance from John Paul Jones, the goods were left at Lorient. Jones subsequently placed them aboard his ship, the Ariel, which reached Philadelphia on 18 Feb. 1781. Jones deposited the merchandise with James Lovell, who forwarded it to AA, the last item reaching her sometime between 4 Dec. 1781 and 8 Jan. 1782 (JA to John Paul Jones, 22 Feb., and note 3, vol. 8:350; Dict. Amer. Fighting Ships ; Adams Family Correspondence , 4:81–83, 85–86, 88, 245, 273–274).