Papers of John Adams, volume 9

From Alexander Gillon

To Richard Henry Lee

To Arthur Lee, 15 March 1780 JA Lee, Arthur


To Arthur Lee, 15 March 1780 Adams, John Lee, Arthur
To Arthur Lee
Dear Sir Paris March 15th. 1780

Inclosed is a Letter from London: I have recieved another from Mr. Jennings, who says he inclosed a Letter for you lately, but does not mention the Date, in one to the House of Mr. Grand, and desires me to enquire there, for some things of his, particularly some Maps which You left there.1 I have enquired of Mr. Grand and his Son Henry, but they know nothing of it.

There is Room to hope that Clinton's Army, destined to Charlestown, is defeated by a Storm. One of the Vessels is got to St. Ives in Cornwall, with one hundred and fifty or two hundred Yagers on Board. Charlestown has the Glory of defending herself twice, with great Courage and Ability, and if the Skies have defended her a third Time, it is to be hoped, She will not be again attempted. It would be hard indeed if Rodney and Digby had all the good Luck. The Cards have run strangely against Us for sometime: but Lord Sandwich's desire of having fifty Sail of the Line in the Channel, will I hope turn the Tide against him in the West Indies and North America, and if it goes against him there, it will not be much for him any where.

I am with great Esteem, Sir, your most obedient Servant, John Adams

RC in John Thaxter's hand (Adams Papers.) For an explanation of how this letter came to be in the Adams Papers, see JA to Arthur Lee, 10 Oct. 1778, descriptive note (vol. 7:127–128).

49 1.

The letter from London has not been identified, but that from Jenings was of 8 March, to which JA had replied on the 12th (both above).