Papers of John Adams, volume 9

From William Lee

To Edmund Jenings

To Benjamin Franklin, 19 April 1780 JA Franklin, Benjamin


To Benjamin Franklin, 19 April 1780 Adams, John Franklin, Benjamin
To Benjamin Franklin
Dear sir Paris April 19. 1780

I have been informed,1 that the State of Maryland, have named Mr. Charmichael, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Williams, Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Jennings, as proper Persons, out of whom they have desired, your Excellency to choose one, in order to draw out of the English Funds a Sum of Money, they have there, for which the Agent is to have two and an half per Cent.

Mr. Charmichael, is otherwise employed, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Lloyd are all proper Persons, but perhaps they may be otherwise employed too, except Mr. Lloyd, whose fortune, both by himself and his Wife is so ample that it may be no Object.

Mr. Jennings, who is not less qualified than any of them, is a Gentleman of Learning, and Abilities, who has left his Affairs from a Love to his Country to whose service, he devotes his Time. He is now at Brussells. As he is a native of Maryland, perhaps his Pretentions may upon the whole, be superiour to those of others, or this Sentiment may be the Dictate of the Esteem and friendship I conceived for him on Account of his Candor, when I was here before.

I intreat your Excellency, not to consider this, as a desire to dictate in a matter in which I have not right nor Colour, to interfere, and therefore ought to ask your Pardon, for presuming to advise.

If your Excellencys decision should fall upon, any of the other Gentlemen I shall be perfectly content and think no more of it. I 155have the Honour to be with, the greatest Respect, sir your most obedient and most humble sert.

John Adams2

RC (PPAmP: Franklin Papers); endorsed: “J. Adams. April 19. 1780.”


Edmund Jenings to JA, 12 April (above).


JA may have sent a copy of this letter to Edmund Jenings, see Jenings' letter of 24 April, and note 1 (below).