Papers of John Adams, volume 9

To Benjamin Franklin

Enclosure: A Newspaper Article

To Edmund Jenings, 19 April 1780 JA Jenings, Edmund


To Edmund Jenings, 19 April 1780 Adams, John Jenings, Edmund
To Edmund Jenings
April 19. 1780 1

I have only time at present, to beg the favour of you, to procure the inclosed, to be inserted in all the English newspapers.2 There is not a Circumstance exagerated, and the half is not told.

RC with enclosure (Adams Papers); notation on back of enclosure: “printed in the English Papers.”


For the possibility that JA wrote two letters to Jenings on 19 April, see Jenings' letter of 24 April, and note 1 (below).


This description of JA's journey through northern Spain was printed in a slightly altered form in the London General Advertiser & Morning Intelligencer for 1 May. For JA's critique of the printed version, see his letter to Edmé Jacques Genet of 11 May (below). The account should be compared with those in JA's Diary and his Autobiography (JA, Diary and Autobiography , 2:400–434; 4:191–241) and his letters of 11 Dec. 1779 and 16 Jan. 1780 to the president of Congress (same, 4:195–196, 230–236 204–206 ; vol. 8:295–296, 310–311, calendar entries).