Papers of John Adams, volume 9

To Jonathan Williams

Invoice from Joseph Gardoqui & Sons

From Joseph Gardoqui & Sons, 10 June 1780 Gardoqui, Joseph & Sons (business) JA


From Joseph Gardoqui & Sons, 10 June 1780 Gardoqui, Joseph & Sons (business) Adams, John
From Joseph Gardoqui & Sons
Sir Bilbao 10th. June 1780

Your very much esteemed favours 14th. and 25th. Ultimo1 came duely to hand, in reply to which have to say that your former haveing reach'd us just before we shipp'd the goods intended on your Account per the Stark, we omitted them, so that we have only to forward you herein the Invoice of these we shipp'd per Capt. Trash which amounting to Rs. Vn. 3608. 6.2 we have debitted you for them.

The letter you forwarded us for Congress3 was deliver'd to Capt. Barnes of the Acttive just as he was under sail so that we hope he will deliver it safe in America.

You have our thanks for what news you are pleas'd to communicate 406 image us, and we hope soon to hear of some dessisive events that may be follow'd by the restoration of a glorious peice. There is nothing on this side worth your notice, for with respectt to the Honble. J. Jay Esqr. we judge you are well inform'd of his affairs on which we have reason to think he is advancing, therefore wishing for all manner of prosperety, and assuring you of our continued advises whenever any thing offers subscrive Respectfully Sir Your most obedt. hble servts.

Joseph Gardoqui & Sons

Pray inform your F. Dana Esqr. that we have shipp'd his orders per the Capts. Trash and Coas about which will write him in a few days.

RC with enclosure (Adams Papers).


For these letters of 14 and 25 May (both LbC's, Adams Papers), see Gardoqui & Sons' letter of 13 May, notes 1, 3, and 4 (above).


The sum given by Gardoqui & Sons is apparently expressed in reals de vellon. For the nature of the Spanish monetary system, see , vol. 8:305 note 4. The goods sent were probably those acknowledged by AA in her letter of 5 July ( Adams Family Correspondence , 3:371).


This letter cannot be positively identified.