Papers of John Adams, volume 10

From M. Addenet

From the President of Congress

Addenet to John Adams: A Translation, 30 July 1780 Addenet, M. JA


Addenet to John Adams: A Translation, 30 July 1780 Addenet, M. Adams, John
Addenet to John Adams: A Translation
Sir Paris, 30 July 17801

Despite all my diligence, I am only now finishing the translation that I have the honor to send you. It was not easy to reconcile the various parts, but I think that I have succeeded. I hope that you will agree. It seems to me that the genius of our language does not lend itself to the title that you have given this work. Would it not suffice simply to say abrégé d'un ecrit Anglois intitulé, Mémoire adressé &c.? A different typeface should be used for the introduction that precedes the text and it is also necessary to remind the printer to pay the closest attention to the numerous footnotes and emendations. I would have liked very much to send you a clean copy, but I was afraid of making you wait too long.

I am with a profound respect, sir, your very humble and very obedient servant,


RC (Adams Papers).


This letter was enclosed with another of 31 July from Addenet to John Thaxter (Adams Papers). In that letter Addenet repeated much of what he had written to JA, but also requested that the manuscript of his translation of JA's reworking of Thomas Pownall's Memorial be returned to him because it was the only copy and would be needed if he was to do additional work on it. Both letters were forwarded to JA with Francis Dana's letter of 31 July (below).