Papers of John Adams, volume 10

From Jean Luzac

To the President of Congress, No. 11

Jean Luzac to John Adams: A Translation, 27 September 1780 Luzac, Jean JA Jean Luzac to John Adams: A Translation, 27 September 1780 Luzac, Jean Adams, John
Jean Luzac to John Adams: A Translation
Sir Leyden, 27 September 1780

Our sincere thanks for your kindness in sending us several interesting documents. I have the honor to send you back a few, and of asking your permission to keep the rest for a few more days, because I did not have enough time to copy them all at once, and I intend to use them as space will permit. The two Philadelphia letters have already been copied, but I was unable to publish their extracts.1 I hope that you will approve of the 184use I have made of these various pieces and that the information they contain will help rid Europe of a few of its misconceptions as to the state of things.

I had a copy made of the pamphlet you gave me for the press, and I am expecting that it will go to print next week.

I have the honor to be, with utmost respect, sir, your excellency's very humble and very obedient servant,

J: Luzac

RC (Adams Papers).


Probably letters of 11 and 13 July from William Churchill Houston and Benjamin Rush, respectively (both above), that JA had sent to Luzac with his letter of 20 Sept. (LbC, Adams Papers). But see also JA's letters of 17 Sept. to William Churchill Houston, and 20 Sept. to Samuel Adams, Samuel Cooper, and Benjamin Rush (all above).