Papers of John Adams, volume 12

To Robert R. Livingston

From Thomas Barclay

To Benjamin Rush, 22 April 1782 JA Rush, Benjamin


To Benjamin Rush, 22 April 1782 Adams, John Rush, Benjamin
To Benjamin Rush
The Hague April 22. 1782 My dear Sir

Mr Peter Paulus,1 is seized with an enthusiasm to go to Philadelphia, with his Journeymen.

I Should be much obliged to you, for any Advice or Civility you may Show him.

The Batavian Spirit is at last arroused, and has uttered its Voice, with Majesty, for the Souvereignty of the United States of America. The 19 of April, was the memorable day, when their High Mightinesses took, the Resolution. You will see in the Gazettes, the Petitions and Maneuvres, which ushered in this Event with Such So- 444 image 445lemnity, as to make it the most Signal Epocha, in the History of a Century. We shall have in this Nation, if I am not infinitely mistaken a faithfull and affectionate and most usefull Ally.

In order to be Steady and persevering in my known Character for Vanity which however I have acquired Since I came to Europe, by the Help of Friends I must tell you that Don Liano, the Spanish Minister has this Moment gone out of my appartment, after having Said to me, “You have made Sir, the grandest Step that has ever yet been taken. It is you, who have filled this Nation with Enthusiasm for your Cause and turned their Heads. It is a most important, and a most decisive Measure, and it is due, to you.”

Voila! a flour of diplomatick Rhetorick, enough to turn my Head, whether I have turned those of the Dutchmen or not.

Yours Affectionately J. Adams

RC (CtY:Van Sinderen Coll.); endorsed: “Hague april 22 1782.”


Paulus also carried a letter of introduction of this date from JA to Robert Morris (not found). In his reply of 25 Sept. (Adams Papers), Morris complained that Paulus requested money “to set up his Trade.”