Papers of John Adams, volume 18

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Adams, John, 1735–1826.

Papers of John Adams.

(The Adams papers: Series III, General correspondence and other papers of the Adams statesmen)

Vols. 1–6 edited by R. J. Taylor, G. L. Lint, and C. Walker.

Vols. 7–18 edited by G. L. Lint … [et al.]

Includes bibliographical references and index.

1. United States—Politics and government—Colonial period, ca. 1600–1775— Sources. 2. Massachusetts—Politics and government—Colonial period, ca. 1600–1775— Sources. 3. United States—Politics and government—Revolution, 1775–1783—Sources. 4. United States—Politics and government—1783–1809—Sources. 5. Presidents—United States—Correspondence. 6. Adams, John, 1735–1826. I. Taylor, Robert Joseph, 1917– II. Lint, Gregg L. III. Title. IV. Series: Adams papers: Series III, General correspondence and other papers of the Adams statesmen.

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