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Guide to Editorial Apparatus
Guide to Editorial Apparatus

Guide to Editorial Apparatus

Guide to Editorial Apparatus

Textual Devices

The following devices will be used throughout The Adams Papers to clarify the presentation of the text.
[...], [....]   One or two words missing and not conjecturable.  
[...]1, [....]1   More than two words missing and not conjecturable; subjoined footnote estimates amount of missing matter.  
[ ]   Number or part of a number missing or illegible. Amount of blank space inside brackets approximates the number of missing or illegible digits.  
[roman]   Conjectural reading for missing or illegible matter. A question mark is inserted before the closing bracket if the conjectural reading is seriously doubtful.  
<italic>   Matter canceled in the manuscript but restored in our text.  
[italic]   Editorial insertion in the text.  

Adams Family Code Names

In dealing with an assemblage of papers extending over several generations and written by so many members of a family who often bore the same or similar names, the editors have been obliged to devise short but unmistakable forms for the names of the persons principally concerned. They could not be forever adding dates and epithets to distinguish between the two or more Abigails, Charles Francises, Johns, John Quincys, and Louisa Catherines in the family. The following table lists the short forms that will be used in the annotation throughout The Adams Papers, together with their full equivalents and identifying dates. It includes the principal writing members of the “Presidential line” of the Adamses and certain others in that line (and their husbands and wives) who either appear frequently in the family story or have been important in the history of the family papers. Users should bear in mind that this table is highly selective, being a mere { lxxxi } epitome of the Adams Genealogy that is being prepared to accompany the Family Correspondence in Series II of the present edition.
  First Generation  
JA   John Adams (1735–1826)  
AA   Abigail Smith (1744–1818), m. JA 1764  
  Second Generation  
JQA   John Quincy Adams (1767–1848), son of JA and AA  
LCA   Louisa Catherine Johnson (1775–1852), m. JQA 1797  
CA   Charles Adams (1770–1800), son of JA and AA  
Mrs. CA   Sarah Smith (1769–1828), sister of WSS, m. CA 1795  
TBA   Thomas Boylston Adams (1772–1832), son of JA and AA  
Mrs. TBA   Ann Harrod (1774–1846), m. TBA 1805  
AA2 (Gen.)   Abigail Adams (1765–1813), daughter of JA and AA, m. WSS 1786  
WSS   William Stephens Smith (1755–1816), brother of Mrs. CA  
  Third Generation  
GWA   George Washington Adams (1801–1829), son of JQA and LCA  
JA2   John Adams (1803–1834), son of JQA and LCA  
Mrs. JA2   Mary Catherine Hellen (1807–1870), m. JA2 son of JQA 1828  
CFA   Charles Francis Adams (1807–1886), son of JQA and LCA  
ABA   Abigail Brown Brooks (1808–1889), m. CFA 1829  
ECA   Elizabeth Coombs Adams (1808–1903), daughter of TBA and Mrs. TBA  
  Fourth Generation  
JQA2   John Quincy Adams (1833–1894), son of CFA and ABA  
CFA2   Charles Francis Adams (1835–1915), son of CFA and ABA  
HA   Henry Adams (1838–1918), son of CFA and ABA  
MHA   Marian Hooper (1842–1885), m. HA 1872  
BA   Brooks Adams (1848–1927), son of CFA and ABA  
LCA2   Louisa Catherine Adams (1831–1870), daughter of CFA and ABA, m. Charles Kuhn 1854  
MA   Mary Adams (1845–1928), daughter of CFA and ABA, m. Henry Parker Quincy 1877  
{ lxxxii }
  Fifth Generation  
CFA3   Charles Francis Adams (1866–1954), son of JQA2  
HA2   Henry Adams (1875–1951), son of CFA2  

Descriptive Symbols

The following symbols will be employed throughout The Adams Papers to describe or identify in brief form the various kinds of manuscript originals.
D   Diary (Used only to designate a diary written by a member of the Adams family and always in combination with the short form of the writer’s name and a serial number, as follows: D/JA/23, i.e. the twenty-third fascicle or volume of John Adams’ manuscript Diary.)  
Dft   draft  
Dupl   duplicate  
FC   file copy (Ordinarily a copy of a letter retained by a correspondent other than an Adams, for example Jefferson’s press copies and polygraph copies, since all three of the Adams statesmen systematically entered copies of their outgoing letters in letterbooks.)  
Lb   Letterbook (Used only to designate Adams letterbooks and always in combination with the short form of the writer’s name and a serial number, as follows: Lb/JQA/ 29, i.e. the twenty-ninth volume of John Quincy Adams’ Letterbooks.)  
LbC   letterbook copy  
M   Miscellany (Used only to designate materials in the section of the Adams Papers known as the “Miscellany” and always in combination with the short form of the writer’s name and a serial number, as follows: M/CFA/32, i.e. the thirty-second volume of the Charles Francis Adams Miscellany—a ledger volume mainly containing transcripts made by CFA in 1833 of selections from the family papers.)  
MS, MSS   manuscript, manuscripts  
RC   recipient’s copy  
Tr   transcript (A copy, handwritten or typewritten, made substantially later than the original or than other copies—such { lxxxiii } as duplicates, file copies, letterbook copies—that were made contemporaneously.)  
Tripl   triplicate  

Location Symbols

The originals of most of the manuscript documents to be printed, quoted, and cited in this edition are in the Adams Papers in the Massachusetts Historical Society. But the originals of the Adamses’ outgoing letters and dispatches and of many other papers by them, not to mention papers pertaining to them, are preserved in numerous public and private archives and collections in this country and elsewhere. Locations of documents privately owned and of documents in public institutions outside the United States are to be given in expanded form. Locations of documents held by public institutions in the United States are to be indicated by the short, logical, and unmistakable institutional symbols used in the National Union Catalog in the Library of Congress, of which a published listing is available and which do not vary significantly from the library location symbols in the familiar Union List of Serials. (For a brief explanation of how these symbols are formed, see the headnote to the list of Location Symbols in The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, 1:xl.)
The following list gives the symbols and their expanded equivalents for institutions owning originals drawn upon in the four volumes of John Adams’ Diary and Autobiography. The listing will be appropriately revised in each series, or part of a series, of The Adams Papers as the several series and parts are published.
CSmH   Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery  
CtHi   Connecticut Historical Society  
CtY   Yale University Library  
DLC   Library of Congress  
DNA   The National Archives  
DSI   Smithsonian Institution  
DeHi   Historical Society of Delaware  
M-Ar   Massachusetts Archives  
MB   Boston Public Library  
MBM   Boston Medical Library  
MH   Harvard College Library  
MHi   Massachusetts Historical Society  
MQA   Adams National Historic Site, Quincy, Massachusetts  
{ lxxxiv }
MWA   American Antiquarian Society  
MiU-C   William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan  
NHi   New-York Historical Society  
NHpR   Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, New York  
NN   New York Public Library  
NNMC   Museum of the City of New York  
NNP   Pierpont Morgan Library  
NhD   Dartmouth College Library  
NhHi   New Hampshire Historical Society  
NjP   Princeton University Library  
PHi   Historical Society of Pennsylvania  
PPAmP   American Philosophical Society  
ViHi   Virginia Historical Society  
ViU   University of Virginia Library  

Other Abbreviations and Conventional Terms

  • Adams Papers
  • Manuscripts and other materials, 1639–1889, in the Adams Manuscript Trust collection given to the Massachusetts Historical Society in 1956 and enlarged by a few additions of family papers since then. Citations in the present edition are simply by date of the original document if the original is in the main chronological series of the Papers and therefore readily found in the microfilm edition of the Adams Papers (see below). The location of materials in the Letterbooks and the Miscellany is given more fully, and often, if the original would be hard to locate, by the microfilm reel number.

  • Adams Papers Editorial Files
  • Other materials in the Adams Papers editorial office, Massachusetts Historical Society. These include photoduplicated documents (normally cited by the location of the originals), photographs, correspondence, and bibliographical and other aids compiled and accumulated by the editorial staff.

  • Adams Papers, Fourth Generation
  • Adams manuscripts dating 1890 or later, now separated from the Trust collection and administered by the Massachusetts Historical Society on the same footing with its other manuscript collections. { lxxxv }

  • Adams Papers, Microfilms
  • The corpus of the Adams Papers, 1639–1889, as published on microfilm by the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1954–1959, in 608 reels. Cited in the present work, when necessary, by reel number. Available in research libraries throughout the United States and in a few libraries in Europe.

  • The Adams Papers
  • The present edition in letterpress, published by The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. References between volumes of any given unit will take this form: vol. 3:171. Since there will be no over-all volume numbering for the edition, references from one series, or unit of a series, to another will be by title, volume, and page; for example, JQA, Papers, 4:205.

  • Corr. pol.
  • Correspondance politique, in the Archives du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, Paris.

  • PCC
  • Papers of the Continental Congress. Originals in the National Archives; microfilm edition, completed in 1961, in 204 reels. Usually cited in the present work from the microfilms, but according to the original series and volume numbering devised in the State Department in the early 19th century; for example, PCC, No. 93, III, i.e. the third volume of series 93.

  • Quincy, First Church, MS Records
  • First Church of Quincy, Mass., MS Records, 1639–1854; transcript in possession of William C. Edwards, city historian.

  • Quincy Town Records, 1791–1891
  • Quincy, Mass., MS Town Records, 1791–1891, 6 vols., in the archives of the City of Quincy; positive microfilm, 2 reels, in the Massachusetts Historical Society.

  • RG
  • Record Group. Used, with appropriate numbers, to designate the location of documents in the National Archives.

  • Suffolk County Court House, Early Court Files, &c.
  • Early Court Files and Miscellaneous Papers in the Office of the Clerk of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Suffolk County, Suffolk County Court House, Boston. { lxxxvi }

  • Superior Court of Judicature, Minute Books, Records
  • Massachusetts Superior Court of Judicature, Minute Books and Records in the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court, Suffolk County, Suffolk County Court House, Boston.

  • Thwing Catalogue, MHi
  • Annie Haven Thwing, comp., Inhabitants and Estates of the Town of Boston, 1630–1800; typed card catalogue, with supplementary bound typescripts, in Massachusetts Historical Society.

Short Titles of Works Frequently Cited

  • AA, Letters, ed. CFA, 1848
  • Letters of Mrs. Adams, the Wife of John Adams. With an Introductory Memoir by Her Grandson, Charles Francis Adams, 4th edn., Boston, 1848.

  • AA, New Letters
  • New Letters of Abigail Adams, 1788–1801, ed. Stewart Mitchell, Boston, 1947.

  • AA2, Jour. and Corr.
  • Journal and Correspondence of Miss Adams, Daughter of John Adams, ... edited by Her Daughter [Caroline Amelia (Smith) de Windt], New York and London, 1841–1842; 2 vols.

  • A. N. Adams, Geneal. Hist, of Henry Adams of Braintree
  • Andrew N. Adams, A Genealogical History of Henry Adams, of Braintree, Mass., and His Descendants, Rutland, Vt., 1898.

  • Samuel Adams, Writings
  • The Writings of Samuel Adams, ed. Harry Alonzo Cushing, New York and London, 1904–1908; 4 vols.

  • AHR
  • American Historical Review.

  • Almanach royal, 1778 [and later years]
  • Almanach royal, année M.DCC.LXXVII [&c.]. Présenté à sa majèsté pour la première fois en 1699, Paris, no date.

  • Annals of Congress
  • The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States [1789–1824], Washington, 1834–1856; 42 vols. { lxxxvii }

  • Appletons’ Cyclo. Amer. Biog.
  • James Grant Wilson and John Fiske, eds., Appletons’ Cyclopaedia of American Biography, New York, 1887–1889; 6 vols.

  • Austin, Gerry
  • James T. Austin, The Life of Elbridge Gerry. With Contemporary Letters, Boston, 1828–1829; 2 vols. [Vol. 1:] To the Close of the American Revolution; [vol. 2:] From the Close of the American Revolution.

  • Bartlett, Henry Adams of Somersetshire
  • J. Gardner Bartlett, Henry Adams of Somersetshire, England, and Braintree, Mass.: His English Ancestry and Some of His Descendants, New York, 1927.

  • Bemis, Diplomacy of the Amer. Revolution
  • Samuel Flagg Bemis, The Diplomacy of the American Revolution: The Foundations of American Diplomacy, 1775–1823, New York and London, 1935.

  • Bemis, JQA
  • Samuel Flagg Bemis, John Quincy Adams, New York, 1949–1956; 2 vols. [Vol. 1:] John Quincy Adams and the Foundations of American Foreign Policy; [vol. 2:] John Quincy Adams and the Union.

  • Biddle, Old Family Letters
  • Old Family Letters: Copied from the Originals for Alexander Biddle, Series A, Philadelphia, 1892.

  • Biog. Dir. Cong.
  • Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774–1949, Washington, 1950.

  • Blanck, Bibliog. Amer. Lit.
  • Jacob Blanck, comp., Bibliography of American Literature ... Compiled for the Bibliographical Society of America, New Haven, 1955–.

  • BM, Catalogue
  • The British Museum Catalogue of Printed Books, 1881–1900, Ann Arbor, 1946; 58 vols. Supplement, 1900–1905, Ann Arbor, 1950; 10 vols.

  • Boston Record Commissioners, Reports
  • City of Boston, Record Commissioners, Reports, Boston, 1876–1909; 39 vols.

  • Boston Streets, &c., 1910
  • City of Boston, Street Commissioners, A Record of the Streets, Alleys, Places, Etc., in the City of Boston, Boston, 1910. { lxxxviii }

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  • Edmund C. Burnett, ed., Letters of Members of the Continental Congress, Washington, 1921–1936; 8 vols.

  • Cal. Franklin Papers, A.P.S.
  • I. Minis Hays, comp., Calendar of the Papers of Benjamin Franklin in the Library of the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, 1908; 5 vols.

  • Catalogue of JA’s Library
  • Catalogue of the John Adams Library in the Public Library of the City of Boston, Boston, 1917.

  • Catalogue of JQA’s Books
  • Worthington C. Ford, ed., A Catalogue of the Books of John Quincy Adams Deposited in the Boston Athenaeum. With Notes on Books, Adams Seals and Book-Plates, by Henry Adams, Boston, 1938.

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