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1. In the margin opposite the opening lines appears this notation: “Coll. of State Tracts 109. Coll of Sea Laws 541.” These references are to A Collection of State Tracts and to Justice, A General Treatise of the Dominion of the Sea (both fully cited in the Editorial Note, above). State Tracts, p. 109, contains the first four articles and part of the fifth of the Treaty of Reswick, concluded between Great Britain and France on 20 Sept. 1697. Art. I contains much of the phrasing used in the preamble to the treaty plan, and it is probable that JA referred to it to obtain the proper form to use in referring to Louis XVI. Compare the phrase “the most Serene and Mighty Prince Lewis the Fourteenth the most Christian King” and that used in the treaty plan. On p. 541 of Sea Laws is Art. I of the Treaty of Peace and Union concluded between Oliver Cromwell and the United Provinces of the Low Countries in 1654, which was probably similarly used by JA as a guide for the preamble to the draft.
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