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1. The London Courant of 20 Oct. and 1 and 9 Nov. criticized the ministry for its treatment of Henry Laurens. Then, on 21 Nov., the editor announced a new exposé, declaring that on the 22d an account of Laurens’ imprisonment in the Tower of London would appear and exhibit to all “thewanton crueltywith which it abounds, and the eternal disgraceit reflects on those MONSTERS, who in theshapeof Ministers, havedaredto inflict it upon theunfortunate victimoftheirvengeance.” The piece, entitled “MINISTERIAL VENGEANCE Displayed, appeared in the issues of 22 and 24 Nov. and stated that for his entire captivity Laurens had borne the full cost of his subsistence, but that now, owing to the Ministry’s refusal to allow him the means to draw on those who owed him money, he was destitute. On 23 Nov. the Courant published a letter signed "ONE." The author declared himself a friend of Laurens who had been denied permission to visit him in the Tower. He confirmed the Courant's account of Laurens captivity and impoverishment and warned that Congress might retaliate against British prisoners if Laurens’ treatment did not improve. Additional commentary on Laurens' condition and the injustice attending his imprisonment appeared in the Courant on 26 and 27 November.
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